10 Week Online Course

The Artist's Way is the seminal text and international best seller by Julia Cameron on how to unlock the natural creativity within us all.  This step by step program will help you break through personal barriers into new territory. Often deceptively simple, the exercises and techniques offered in this book have the ability to bring about profound changes.  

'Without The Artist's Way, there would have been no Eat, Pray, Love' – Elizabeth Gilbert
'I love it...a practical, spiritual, nurturing book...I wish I'd found it sooner.' – Russell Brand

'Julia Cameron invented the way people renovate the creative soul.' – New York Times

'The Artist's Way is great...the moment I did that...that's when [the music] started to flow.'  – Ed O'Brien (Radiohead)


Over the course of the 10 weeks we will embark on a personal and collective journey of creative discovery and recovery. Inspired by the book and aided by discussion, we will explore the beliefs we hold about living a creative life, confront our inner critic and find out how to overcome the perils of perfectionism.  

The main two elements of the process are the morning pages and a weekly artist's date which are undertaken throughout the week. The sessions will then be a combination of talking and reflection along with doing the writing tasks set out in each chapter together. These are aimed at unearthing innate creative potential and revealing new possibilities. 

This course is for everyone whether you are a seasoned artist or someone who has always felt they might like to be creative but have never given yourself permission. It's for those wanting to move through a creative block or just to simply go on a self-development journey. No prior knowledge or experience is needed, creativity is source energy and available to all!  

*You will need a copy of the book to attend* 

ONLINE - Evenings

Starts Tuesday 16th January 2024 (No session 20th February) 

7pm - 9pm

Full Cost - £225 

***EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT - £195 (available until 21/12/23)***

Limited to 6 participants 

(Please note this is an intentionally small group so that everyone has the opportunity to share their progress and receive focused and active listening. As a small group it is important that you are committed before signing up to coming to all the sessions...or as many as possible. If you have any questions or queries please contact Clare at    


Clare is a visual artist with a background in both the performing and healing arts. Initially trained as a professional dancer and teacher, she later went on to retrain as a reflexologist, acupressure massage therapist and reiki practitioner. After years of pursuing photography as a semi-professional/hobbyist she decided to enter formal education and in 2021 she graduated from the University of Derby with distinction in MA Film & Photography. By collecting her strands of experience together she aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for people to find their passion. 


'Doing the the Artist’s Way with Clare has been a breath of fresh air. Clare’s down to earth, humorous (and patient) approach helped keep me on track when I felt challenged or frustrated and it’s been fun to share the changes in my outlook that have developed. Clare has taught me that you don’t have to be an artist to find joy in living life creatively.'

Helen, Matlock

'The Artist's Way course was an eye opener for me on how to work on myself on a personal level as well as a practical level. Clare made each session feel friendly, welcoming, and like a safe space for discussing the deeper issues that this course often brought up. It has helped strengthen my relationship with my writing and I have come away with many useful tips and insights on leveraging my art and my writing.'

Grace, Matlock


What do I need to bring?

A notebook, pen and an open mind...

Do I need to be an artist?

Absolutely not! The course is very inclusive by nature and really is for everyone, from those who don't think they have a creative bone in their body to professional artists. Creativity expresses itself in many ways and exists in the everyday, whether it's finding a way to make a dinner from a few leftover items in the fridge to problem solving in a crisis. We all have the capacity to be creative at any age.

How much time do I need to invest?

To get the most out of the course it is suggested to allow at least 6 hours a week for writing the daily morning pages and going on a weekly artist's date. The Artist's Way is a commitment to yourself, the more you are able to give to the process the more you will get from it.

Do I need to believe in a God?

No. The author has structured the book into twelve chapters much like the spiritually centred twelve step program which is focused on handing over to a higher power. However, as Cameron herself states, it is absolutely not necessary to believe in a God or higher power to benefit from The Artist Way process which at its heart is a map to connect with ourselves, especially the parts that have been lost to us.

Why do The Artist's Way in a group?

Resistance is real! At some point during the process resistance will dig its heels firmly in. Being in a supportive group can help to keep you accountable and navigate your way through it as well as meeting like minded people and learning though collaborative experience.

DISCLAIMER - Whilst The Artist's Way course has therapeutic benefits it is not a replacement for therapy and is not facilitated as such. Participant's are responsible for their own well being for the duration of the course.  It is advised if you have unresolved trauma, especially from childhood or are in the early stages of addiction recovery to seek support through the appropriate channels before embarking on The Artist's Way.

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